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Day 30: Nail Polish Ring : DIY - Black heart sky

Hi all! How are all you polish lovers out there? Today's blog is about a DIY craft I found on a wonderful YouTube channel I follow called Glossandsparkle. She has a great video on DIY nail polish rings, which inspired me to make some of my own. So while on vacation, I shopped a lot, and bought the items needed to make fabulous polish rings.

Items I USED:
E6000 glue
Large gem like stones ( found in floral section of Hobby Lobby
Ring bases (to attach stone on)
Nail polish (any kind you like)
Clear nail polish (topcoat works too) 

1. Applied a clear heart glitter polish first (on flat back side if stone)
2. Applied black nail polish - 2 Coats
3. Applied clear nail polish
LET DRY COMPLETELY (let mine dry 3-6 hours)
4. Dabbed E6000 glue on ring base
5. Attached stone ( the same flat side you put polish one) to gluey ring base
6. CENTER STONE ( so it sirs nicely balanced on ring base)
7. Lie ring face down on unpolished side
9. Try ring on (adjust ring band size as needed)
10. VOILA, a beautiful NAIL POLISH RING

 Customize with any COLOR, Brand and style of nail polish you prefer
First layer: glitter heart polish, applied using a dabbing technique to get more hearts on. Swiping it like you would if you were painting your nails, does not work well on polishes that have large glitters in them.


  • Layer with glitter polish first, then opaque polish (like I did mine)
  • Use 1 or more polishes
  • Create designs like nail art 
  • Use tape to make straight lines
  • Cut out magazine pictures and size it to make one of a kind rings (Glossandsparkle has a great video on this)
And whatever else your little heart desires.

REMEMBER: if you mess up, don't like the design or simply want to try something new, dip stone in nail polish remover, wash to remove the remover, let dry and START OVER. 
I hope you put your Creative flower hat on and try this DIY NAIL POLISH RING CRAFT. 
Please, comment, post pics, and share your ideas with us all.

                 As always,
"Have a Grand day and don't forget to Glaze!" 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 29: LA Colors lipstick Swatch - shades

Merry Christmas everyone!! How has every one been on these festive days? Me, spending it in upstate New York with the hubby. It's really been a weird Christmas with no family around, in a foreign place and in a hotel. Blah! I have tried to stay positive and been having fun shopping with the hubby. Around here they have amazing shops like: Target, Ulta, Trader Joes and more!!! Where I live we don't have any of that so you know how excited this girl right here (moi) got, right?! :) :) :)

Today's blog post is about some great deals I found today at Walgreens.Yup, Walgreens is just about the only thing open on Christmas Day here in Williamsville, New York. I found some wonderful nail polish deals (that was inevitable as I can't seem to stay away from those laquer filled aisles) and makeup. Specifically, some very pretty lipsticks and at a BARGAIN!!

Ok so, I'm not all uppity or sophisticated when it comes to lipsticks or lip glosses. I don't wear them real often and I don't think paying top dollar for them is sensible, at least in my case. For all you lipstick connoisseurs out there, if YOU feel this is SMH worthy, please do comment below on why I should think otherwise. Would love a different perspective on this matter.

Moving on :)

The pictures below are of LA COLORS lipsticks I picked out, made with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. I have tried on one of the lipsticks, the "lovely" one and found the lipstick formulas glides on nicely and

is not: 
over drying 
Too shiny
cheap like texture

I will apply again and test the longevity of wearing it a few hours. I'll keep you updated on that. 

LA Colors in "lovely"
Swatches of the 4 colors I PURCHASED at just over $1 EACH!!!
From left to right:
1. Sorbet
2. Pink Sand
3. Berry Red
4. Lovely

All LA Colors lipsticks that I bought at a STEAL, from Walgreens.
Hope you enjoy this post and the lipstick swatches. The nail polish and supplies I bought today will be blogged about very soon. Keep in touch with comments and share your experiences with me please as I share mine with you all. 

May your Christmas be blessed and May Jesus be the reason for your season.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 28: Maybelline Color Show Sequins Nail polish

HEllo everyone! If you are new to my blog, WELCOME. For all the regulars, today is a post on glitter polishes. I wanted to share with you the great deal I found at Big Lots. The Maybelline Color Show Sequin polishes were only $1 EACH! How could I pass up this amazing deal right?!? That was how I reasoned myself to buy them. Truth be told, i have 2 polish racks that fit 90-100 polishes each and both are COMPLETELY FULL! I told myself, "Melanie once both polish racks are full, NO MORE polishes for you." Well dear readers, I have dishonored my declaration, because I now have more polishes than I do rack space... :/ My next step is to sell those polishes that I am not too fond of so ALL my polishes can fit on both racks. 

From the beginning of this polish journey, to now, I told myself ORGANIZATION is key to maintaining this nail polish relationship. I have 2 polish racks, a drawer that hold my nail supplies, and a desk that i can work on while painting my nails. I am going to stick to this layout. The last thing I want, or MY HUSBAND wants, is polishes everywhere all over the house. UGH! No way. Love blogging because I can share these random blabberings with you all and you actually "listen" to me. GuSH :) Thank you for reading this. I shall get off my soapbox now. 

Below is a picture of 3 glitzy polishes by the Maybelline Color Show collection.
If you would like some swatches, be sure to comment and I shall honor your request.

Have a Grand day and dont forget to GlaZe!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 27: Frosted Snow Globe Nail Design - Nail art

Hi all!!! Hope you are enjoying the wonderfully cold weather and playing in the snow, snow, snow!!! It doesn't matter your age, snow is just fun and to play in it feeds the inner child. I have yet to master the art of a perfect snow man but a girls gotta try. NEVER GIVE UP is my motto so how could I abandon the adventures of finding the right snow, the best sticks, and going to town on making a snowman worth photographing. Well dear reader, I have yet to master the perfect snow man outside, but i believe i managed to come close in this winter inspired manicure.

Let me know what you think please!!!! 

Want to know what polishes I used? Want a pictorial? Drop me some comments below please and I shall honor your request.

As always,
Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 26: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polish Swatch

Hello Nail Polish lovers and all my glitzy fans out there! You will surely enjoy today's Nail swatch featuring the lovely Sally Hansen: Gem Crush Series Polish. You can find Sally Hansen nail polish in almost any local drugstore, chain store etc. I have seen these polishes at my local CVS for up to $9 bucks a bottle!!! YIKES! No thanks. I purchased my polishes in an EBAY (oh how i love you Ebay) Sally Hanson auction lot that came with various series i.e Extreme Wear, Complete Salon Manicure,(check out my Simply Divine post for swatch on that) Insta dry, Sugar Coat and these GEM CRUSH babies you see below.  

Oh look at all these sparkles!!! Do they make you as happy as they do me? I love em all in their own unique way. 

Word of Advice:
These polishes are pretty awesome glitters in a clear polish base and are very opaque after just 2 coats.
The nail swatch pictures above are the polishes themselves, 2 coats, no base color, and as you see they are the perfect glitters to wear alone. No need to pair them up with anything, except maybe a nice handbag and a night on the town.

Hope you enjoy.As always,

         Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 25: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

Hi Again ALL peoples! I need your help in deciding whether this polish is nail swatch worthy.It Is called: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish in: Fuzz Sea.

 I applied the Fuzzy Coat nail polish over different bases: silver,yellow, cream,pink and black.

I'm unsure of this polish and don't get a "fuzzy coat" sense about it all. Textured polishes have a texture, and glitter polishes, glisten and glow in the dark polishes glow, but how can a fuzzy coat polish feel like a fuzzy coat?... I don't know what I was expecting from this polish and I need someone else opinion about it.

Can you PLEASE, PLEASE voice your thoughts, experiences and opinions about the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polish brand?

Have a Grand day and don't forget to GLaZe!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 24: Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure - nail polish review in "Simply Divine"

Hi again everyone! Hope you're enjoying you lives, taking time to appreciate the little things and glazing away!! Today I wanted to share with you My new found favorite polish brand: Sally Hanson Complete Manicure .

Pros of Polish:
1. thicker consistency (many polishes only need 1 coat to be completely opaque)
2. Salon professional thicker nail brush (this i wonderful on so many levels, including better polish application
3. Larger bottles (at 05. oz its bigger than m,any polishes that can be as small as 0.15 oz)
4. GREAT PRICE (for the quality, it cant be beat)
5. Very pretty flesh tones shades, creams and some pinks that have made me reconsider the beauty of pinks
6. FEELS AMAZING on your nails, with a silky shine and amazingly smooth finish

1. Very thick (yet some polishes can still streak)
2. Longer drying time
3. Partly shrinks (when topped with Seche Vite top coat)
4. Not very hip (not too many glitters or "blam wow" colors. kinda average color ranges)

Below you will see the color I chose to swatch: Sally Hanson complete Manicure in: "Simply Divine"

Pinkish tones

More accurate color representation

Isn't it divine?!!?

Nail farthest to left = more pink tones. Nail farthest to right = coral pink tones.

So as you see, the various swatches show the different colors that this wonderful nail polish has, depending on the lighting. I love looking at the polish when in better sunlight, because the coral pink tones are just stunning.Hope you enjoy this nail swatch. 

Let me know what you think please. 

Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 23: Funky Fingers nail polish- nail swatch review

Hello everyone!! I hope you're enjoying this lovely snow weather here on the east coast. Here in snowy filled Pennsylvanian, roads are covered, the snow is mounting and outside looks like a life size snow globe. I find days like this to be quite magical. In light of the snow, the millions of falling snowflakes, and my new love for glitter, I created this nail swatch.

1. Nail Strengthener
2. China Glaze base coat
3. Funky fingers polish in "jawbreaker" 2-3 coats (depending on the opacity you desire)
4. Seche Vite top coat.

I must say I am very pleased with the gorgeous nail polish! The polish itself has a whitish purple base, filled with an assortment of glitter shapes and sizes. If you like glitters and are ready to try something unique, GET THIS POLISH!!!! I find myself staring at my hands and think of snowflakes and sparkly things.

When i first saw this polish somewhere online, I knew it was going to be mine someday very soon. (He He) So my research began, with me spending hours scouring the internet in hopes to find it at a good price. I found out that the only store that carries the brand Funky Fingers nail polish is Five Below and this store does not sell their things online. You must go to one of their retail locations to purchase from them. Well, the only Five Below Store close to me is like an hour away. So you know i wasn't going to trek that journey anytime soon.

I settled for the next best thing (don't know why i didn't think of this sooner) EBAY! If you have been following my posts, you can tell how much i HEART Ebay. And guess what??? I found the Funky Fingers nail polish in "jawbreaker" (the one you see in the pics) on my trusty Ebay.  

If you're interested in purchasing this polish, I recommend one of the MOST AMAZING AND THOUGHTFUL Ebay sellers I have ever come across. Here name is Tara and she sells FABULOUS polishes at affordable prices.

Hope you enjoyed this post. PLEASE, let me know what you think, if you visit Tara's store and any other things that pop into your head.

Have a Grand day and dont forget to GlaZe!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 22: Healthy Nails - nail growth

Hi everybody! So, as many of you may know I am doing the whole healthy nail thing. This is like week 4 of taking care of my nails. Want to know my regimen? Read more to find out.

1.Weekly warmed milk oil soaks- 10min (I do this every time I remove polish from nails)

2. Religious use of DIY hand and body oil on my hands (I make myself) 

3. Wash hands thoroughly and immediately apply hand oil - water and open pores help soak in oils better and faster

4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS base coat and top coat to protect my natural nails

5. Occasional use of nail strengtheners (though I don't keep up with this as maybe I should)
hmm what else do I do? Oh yeah,

6. Push back cuticles every time I wash my hands- use cuticular remover when necessary

7. File my nails in only 1 direction (to reduce any ragged edged tips and keep nails smooth) 
AND Polish, polish, polish!!! 

Painting my nails, and photographing them, has really made me conscious of taking care of my hands and nails. I'm so glad my nail biting days are BEHINd me. :) 
Hope this nail regiment provides some inside into how to take care of your own nails. PLEASE,please share your comment or thoughts. It means so much to me when I know people are actively reading my posts. 

Have a grand day and don't forget to GlaZe! 

Day 21: Nail Art - Paint Chips - Design

Hi everyone! I started out with a black polish base knowing i wanted to add the wonderful pink coral polish by Sally Hansen complete manicure in "Simply Divine". After some polishing,removing,tweaking and improving, I came up with the nail design you see below. I call it: paint chips.
Hope you like :)

"Have a grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 20: Funky Fingers nail polish review - ebay seller

Hello everyone! Today i received the most amazing eBay package ever!!! Seriously, i have been with eBay for over 6 years and not once i have i received a package so thoughtful, pretty and prompt. Tara, the eBay seller deserves recognition and so i dedicate this blog to her. Tara, i must say thank you for showing such thoughtfulness, care and helping me feel better.
I was actually having a crappy day and facing some tough stuff. Then lo and behold a package is placed by my door. I wasn't that intrigued, and if you know me you know packages make me feel like its Christmas, because of the crappy day i was having and the funk i was in. So i left, not bothering to open the package. When i finally got home and opened the package, i nearly cried! I was filled with emotion on the amazing package presentation and the wonderful words Tara left me. You can see the package, notes and wonderful polish i received from this amazing eBay seller.Check out her ebay store please. She has amazing polishes and makeup for sale.Trust me, You will be glad you did. :)
Look at the pretty pink and happy words!
Love, love the thoughtfulness of this eBay seller

Beautiful packaging with glitter tissue paper and green bow
The end result, the fabulous funky fingers polish in: "jawbreaker"

Thank you, thank you Tara for brightening my day and changing my frown to smiles!

Have a grand day and dont forget to GlaZe!