Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics Review

Hello EVERYONE. Today's post is a bit different than anything I have written so far. Today is about FOOD! Happy yet? I am. Who doesn't love food?!? But its not just about food but of a healthy food product that can:
So, what is the WONDER product you may ask? It is Organic Macha Green Tea powder by KISS ME Organics. I was sent this powder for review.


I absolutely LOVE IT FOR SMOOTHIES! A half a scoop is all you need to add to any smoothie and you'll have an amazing nutrient packed smoothie instantly! 
The SMELL: it smells very green and earthy which may turn people off but dont let it. You really should give this powder a chance because it will help your body so much! You cant smell it in a smoothie anyway so just move past the smell and try some.

The TASTE: its very earthy and green like.....Almost too much, which is why i just add half a scoop to my smoothies. As your tolerance builds then you can begin to add more but i recommend start with 1/4 to 1/2 scoop first. 

RESULTS: I personally, notice my skin is brighter, my hair seems healthier and less dry and having thyroid issues which im working to overcome, I am less tired. I really do believe this Organic Macha green tea powder is working in my system to help my whole body. 

If you haven't tried this, you really should. Especially those who have health conditions, skip breakfast, get fatigued by midday, or just want to boost your overall health. 

Below is my FAVORITE smoothie recipe to incorporate the Organic Macha Powder

1/2 to 1 cup plain organic yogurt
1-2 bananas
2-4 apples (skin and all cause the fiber is in the skin.)
1 pear
2 tsp honey (i use raw) 
tbsp flax seeds (whole is fine cause they will grind up in the blender)
5 ice cubes
1/2 to 1 scoop Organic Macha green tea powder
BLEND! Put in freezer for 15-30 min if you want it really cold.
If youre pressed for time, add MORE ICE CUBES OR VERY COLD WATER , to your desired consistency. 
Place in a sealed spillproof container and drink up. 
This smoothie makes for a SUPER HEALTHY, quick meal replacement or breakfast shake.

You can also add Matcha powder to lattes and baked goods.If you do try it, PLEASE, let me know in the comments below

Have  Great day and take care of your body. 
You only get one :)


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 69: Sally Hansen complete salon manicure nail polish nail art stamping

Todays post is a simple view on my nails of the day. I'm really into warms and browns and nudes right now, hence the manicures.

Enjoy the slideshow

I specifically wanted to blog these nails because of the stamping. I recently received a new stamper aka marshmallow squishy stamper in the nail polish world. 
Below is the picture

This stamper has changed IT ALL FOR ME. Seriously. You may have heard people religiously loving this stamper by that brand or hating stamping all together. I used to be one of those people who loathed stamping cause i knew it wasnt going to come out right.

Then i bought this squishy stamper, which was recommended by my friend Charity.
She IS THE BEST STAMPER EVER!! So i took her advice and bought it. Truth be told, i love this stamper, and i acutally look forward to stamping now. I think to myself, "what stamping plate do i want to use" while smiling all the way. I'm no longer hesitant, scared or just turned off by stamping. Its exciting now. A new avenue of the nail polish world has opened up for me.

Want the link? 
let me know and i shall provide it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 68: Indie Nail polish swatch - Krucial cosmetics

Before i show you some FABULOUS swatches from the lovely Kaitlyn of Krucial Cosmetics, below is a little blurb about her (taken from her site)

Krucial Cosmetics was founded in April 2014 by Kaitlyn McCarthy.
She is a college grad from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI holding Bachelor of Science degrees in both Marketing and in Management.
At the age of 16, Kaitlyn wrote her very first business plan- for a high-end fashion boutique. Originally she had planned to attend college for fashion and interior design but then switched to business instead.
Finding a job in this economy has not been easy, especially for those starting out. Since her graduation in 2012, she had picked up a major interest in “indie nailpolish”, or homemade/handmade polish by very small businesses. She has always been crafty and loves to support local businesses, especially ones with unique ideas and crafts. Going back to her roots of always wanting to own her own company and go to art school,
Krucial Cosmetics was born!
I was contacted by Kaitlyn to swatch her gorgeous nail polish creations. It is an honor and a privilege to help support small business, indie business, and nail polish makers at that! I am blessed to be able to swatch, promote, advertise and spread the word of indie polish makers and show all their hard work.
All opinions, thoughts, and reviews are 100% MY OWN.You can trust them. 

Black Magic: A Black shiny polish with chunky gold flakes, gold glitters specks and sparking grey undertones. The perfect Halloween black.

The Golden Goblet: " A 24 karat ancient, rustic gold copper with smokey black glitter specks and hints of holo sparkle." Truly mesmerizing, like,something you'd find in ancient Rome or the tombs of king Tut."
MY PERSONAL FAVE....cause Kaitlyn allowed me the privilege of naming it and describing it!!! :)

BOTH BLACK MAGIC AND THE GOLDEN GOBLET, are available for the Halloween Collection. 

Neon Unicorns: A purple blue polish with pretty purple pink streaks, as the light reflects. This polish is a keeper! 

Pink Elephants: A Super sparkly and barbie girl pink with holographic glitters and amazing shine!

Kandi: a fun glitter topper loaded with super tiny neon glitters in pink,blue,yellow and purple pieces.
This polish is PERFECT for fun party nails, party nail art themes and just a fun glitter confetti topper.

The White Rabbit: A Shimmery white polish with a copper pearlescent shift, containing neon matte orange triangle glitters. A polish true to its name! 
I hope you all enjoy this amazing polishes in all their MACRO GLORY! To purchase any of these, please to go to
You can also check her polish line out via Instagram HERE

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 67: Nail polish Indie swatches

Todays post is all about indie polishes. I am going to share with you  some of my gorgeous polishes by Colores de Carol. All of these have been bought by me. ALL OPINIONS are my own, and i am not paid and none of this is pre-scripted. You can trust that my opinion and words, are all coming from me.

Ok. Now the fun part. 100 % macro shots
All links and names of indie makers, will be provided below each picture. ENJOY! :)

Above is Atomic Tangerine "This medium orange base is packed with purple micro bars, hot pink and green hexagonal shape glitter and black diamonds."  (Quoted from coloresdecarol)
I really, really, really, love this orange glitter polish. From the tiny micro bars to the random black diamonds, all of this screams OCTOBER!! I look forward to using this indie polish and maybe add some nail art pumpkins or two. :)
You can find this nail polish, on sale, HERE

Above you have: White Dream by Colores de Carol
It is a clear base polish, filled with white squares, iridescent squares and pearlesecent tiny hexagons. I think, this is the absolute BEST POLISH for a WINTER nail art theme. Oh yes! I shall revel in snowy weather by doing me nails with this beauty. Mhhm. Yes indeed. This polish is also sold out folks :(

Above is: Heart of the ocean by Colores de Carol. 
It is a deep, navy jelly packed with holo sparkle that builds with each coat. What a great formula! Super smooth, no mess, no gloop or glop, and an overall fabulous navy blue holographic polish to own.
Unfortunately, this polish is no longer on her website. It was part of the Love's maiden voyage collection but has since been sold out and removed. I am so glad i bought this when i did!! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these macros as much i did! Don't just look, save em, download em, use em as wallpaper and screensavers. Get creative, and make a collage!

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 66: Glitter nail polish removal? Does it get frustrating?

Hello lovelies. Today's post is ALL ABOUT glitter....and removing it. :/ EEk. How many of us love to apply
those beautiful drugstore glitter polishes, and for those who use indies, oh how we LOVE our glitter bombs.
I myself own over 100 indies and do love me some glitter as well, BUT. Of course theres a BUT :) BUT when it comes time to take glitter polish off the nails, oh what a Drag! I dont know about you all, but if I was being honest with myself, I do not like taking glitter polish off!! I dislike it SOOO MUCH, that i secretly hope the latest manicure im rocking, if it has glitter, will stay on as long as possible. No lie. Don't you ever feel like that? Or am i alone in this? COMMENT and let me know I'd love to see if the odds are for or against me. :)

Moving on. Below i will discuss the most common techniques used to take off glitter nail polish:

1. Aluminum foil 
2. Cotton balls
3. Rubber finger tips Link Here

 Yes, you heard me correctly. Felt is my new go-to for taking off glitter polish. I saw this somewhere online, i cant recall where, so please, if you are the person who originated this idea, CONTACT ME and i will give you credit.

 On the topic of felt. Why do I LOVE IT? Because it works and better than most glitter off techniques.

Issues with Foil, Cotton and Rubber tip techniques:

1. You have to cut foil in 10 pieces. (dry fingers is definitely gonna happen with this technique.)  I hate it! I tried it a few times, letting my poor fingers soak in polish remover/acetone for X amount of minute. IT made my fingers look like 80 year old raisins. UGH! No thank you

2. Cotton balls suck for glitter removal. They just do. There is no other way to say it. I hate all the stringy pieces that get stuck around the glitters and it tears so quick.10 cotton balls later and there are still stubborn glitters stuck to my nail bed. It's highly upsetting and rarely rewarding. For me anyways. You may love it. Well, kudos to you. Wanna cookie? ;)~

3. Rubber finger tips. I came up with the idea as i was watching someone sewing online. I noticed this rubber thing on their thumbs and thought, "OOOH maybe i can use that for nail polish removal" To give it a comparison, its like the foil method, but with rubber tips.
BENEFITS: Now, the rubber tips are more sturdy and dont slide off easily like foil can. Also, you just clean the rubber tips off with some water, dry em, and save em for next time. This method is definitely in my top 2 but the Felt, is JUST GENIUS!

No, i do not have pictures of actually using the felt, though i have used it (how else can i do a review, huh?)
So please, trust me enough to buy some felt and try it with your next glitter bomb manicure.

The Felt piece in the picture, is precut and you can find them in any craft stores. Their only a few bucks, $5-8 the most. If you're smart, and you have a HOBBY LOBBY close by, you purchase these and use the 40% OFF coupon they have daily, on non sale items. See. ONLY a few bucks and you get 50 felt pieces! I was able to use JUST ONE FELT SQUARE to take off 5 glitter filled fingers. I am telling you, they ARE GREAT for glitter off removal. No sliding off or wrapping like foil, no tearing/shredding like cotton, and no need to even bother with the rubber tips.You gotta try it. That is the only way. I really hope you do and if you take the FELT LEAP, you must, pretty please, with lots of cherries, COMMENT BELOW or tag me on Instagram (liquidsquidnails) and share your results with me.

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 65: Comfort Zone - best purchase yet

Today we're gonna talk about comfort zone. Every body has one right? NOPE! Everyone does not own, but should own, this very economical little fan made by Comfort Zone. ha ha ha . Had you going there huh? Thought we were gonna talk about chocolate and bubble baths as comforts? Not today. Comfort zone is a very odd name for a company that makes fans, NOT chocolate.

Anywho, before i get caught up in a tangent , i want to discuss with you on the little fan i now own.

I have been wanting something to help dry my nails a little faster but nothing was working out. I have seen many people on instagram with their nail dryers, towels, ice, sprays etc. and i just saw mediocrity. I felt like those things were not going to be all that they claim to be, so i just keep looking and waiting.

One day I see a 15 sec. instagram video from slotteazy showing off her nail section, which is fabulous by the way! As she was moving around and landed on her desk, i spotted a little fan sitting off to the corner. Lightbulb went off right away, and i contacted her to find out about her little fan and where to buy one. She said she bought hers at target for like $10-15 bucks. Well guess what? Target is almost an hour from me! So taking a drive down there, hoping they would have this little fan, but knowing they might not, was not an option for me. I sadly gave up on the little fan and all the mental imagery of sitting in front of one as it dried my life went on.

Decided to take a trip to big lots just to browse and window shop, so to speak, and guess what i find?!! The little fan for ONLY 8 BUCKS and in 3 different colors (red, purple, black)!!! My pulse quickened and i snagged the last black fan on the shelf. Below are the pics of this amazing little fan.


Specs from :

"The Comfort Zone CZHV4 4 inch high velocity table fan uses a minimal amount of electricity so it only costs pennies a day to operate. It doesn't require any installation or mounting and sits right on your table or desk. The CZHV4 4 inch high velocity table fan provides cooling and adds ventilation to any area it's needed. Can be powered from any USB port or by using the 110V plug.
Compact Design
The Comfort Zone CZHV4 4 inch high velocity table fan features a compact design that's made to provide cooling and ventilation while saving you space.
Quiet Operation
The CZHV4 4 inch high velocity table fan operates quietly so it can be used wherever it's needed.
All Metal Construction
This high velocity table fan has all metal construction to make sure it lasts a long time.
Adjustable 360 Degree Tilt
The Comfort Zone CZHV4 tilts all the way around to deliver the air flow in any direction it's needed.
Product Dimensions: L: 6.00" x W: 7.00" x H: 4.00"
Product Weight: 1.68 lbs.

All the specs ABOVE, ARE TRUE. This little fan is quiet, powerful, and efficient.
I feel like my manis dry faster because of this fan.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST INVESTING in this little guy, be it for nails, cool off while on cpu, or small bathrooms that need air flow. If i could, i would have bought all of them and saved them for christmas gifts.

Let me know please, what you think?

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