Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 68: Indie Nail polish swatch - Krucial cosmetics

Before i show you some FABULOUS swatches from the lovely Kaitlyn of Krucial Cosmetics, below is a little blurb about her (taken from her site)

Krucial Cosmetics was founded in April 2014 by Kaitlyn McCarthy.
She is a college grad from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI holding Bachelor of Science degrees in both Marketing and in Management.
At the age of 16, Kaitlyn wrote her very first business plan- for a high-end fashion boutique. Originally she had planned to attend college for fashion and interior design but then switched to business instead.
Finding a job in this economy has not been easy, especially for those starting out. Since her graduation in 2012, she had picked up a major interest in “indie nailpolish”, or homemade/handmade polish by very small businesses. She has always been crafty and loves to support local businesses, especially ones with unique ideas and crafts. Going back to her roots of always wanting to own her own company and go to art school,
Krucial Cosmetics was born!
I was contacted by Kaitlyn to swatch her gorgeous nail polish creations. It is an honor and a privilege to help support small business, indie business, and nail polish makers at that! I am blessed to be able to swatch, promote, advertise and spread the word of indie polish makers and show all their hard work.
All opinions, thoughts, and reviews are 100% MY OWN.You can trust them. 

Black Magic: A Black shiny polish with chunky gold flakes, gold glitters specks and sparking grey undertones. The perfect Halloween black.

The Golden Goblet: " A 24 karat ancient, rustic gold copper with smokey black glitter specks and hints of holo sparkle." Truly mesmerizing, like,something you'd find in ancient Rome or the tombs of king Tut."
MY PERSONAL FAVE....cause Kaitlyn allowed me the privilege of naming it and describing it!!! :)

BOTH BLACK MAGIC AND THE GOLDEN GOBLET, are available for the Halloween Collection. 

Neon Unicorns: A purple blue polish with pretty purple pink streaks, as the light reflects. This polish is a keeper! 

Pink Elephants: A Super sparkly and barbie girl pink with holographic glitters and amazing shine!

Kandi: a fun glitter topper loaded with super tiny neon glitters in pink,blue,yellow and purple pieces.
This polish is PERFECT for fun party nails, party nail art themes and just a fun glitter confetti topper.

The White Rabbit: A Shimmery white polish with a copper pearlescent shift, containing neon matte orange triangle glitters. A polish true to its name! 
I hope you all enjoy this amazing polishes in all their MACRO GLORY! To purchase any of these, please to go to http://www.krucialcosmetics.com/
You can also check her polish line out via Instagram HERE

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"