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Who am i? Well I am still learning that myself so don't hold your breath on thinking you're going to have me all figured out by the end of this short bio. He He he. ( I mean that in the nicest tone possible) For those that know me and want to know more about me, they will tell you that I, Melanie, am a sweet, smiley person who is warm and nice to virtually everyone. Sounds like a perfect Hallmark card, right ? :) Well I am all those things but not without some spice of course. Though I am SWEET, i can be hurt and misinterpreted as weak. Though I SMILE, i shed many tears and go through periods of very sad times with very little smiling (what do you expect when you're raised with a severely manic depressive single mother and you're the oldest of 4 girls! Eek ) I am warm hearted, truly AND ONLY BECAUSE of the loving mercies and unending grace and love from my Creator and savior Jesus Christ. Though warm, I have my periods of being cold and merciless towards others because let's face it, IM NO Jesus. I do however, keep pressing on towards this journey, learning and growing in wisdom and mercy as I go. And i really am NICE. Like really, I am. God has done this thing in me where I cant help being nice. I love smiling and extending care towards others through smiles, hugs and encouragement. But anywho, you probably care more about the polish thing right? :)


How did that come about? Here is a blurb from my very first post explaining that one:

Day 1 of Nail Polish journey

So it's official. I am now clearly infatuated with all things nail related. I don't know how it happened really. Seems to have appeared all of a sudden... Just a little over 2 weeks ago I, WAIT. Backtrack to over a month ago. It's all coming into view. I was at dollar tree and just happened to go into cosmetic aisle. Who knows for what because I'm not into makeup much but perhaps it was the polish Gods (just joking here) drawing me towards my awaited, uncovered, waiting to burst open, destiny. Whew! That's a mouth full. :) It was in this aisle that I saw some beautiful colors before my eyes. Nail polishes by LA Colors adorned the shelves in neat little rows, packaged in such a way as to be desired by all who set eyes on them. I thought to myself, hmm,self, you haven't bought nail polishes for ages and the ones you have now are desperately in need of a proper trash can funeral. (Smile, it's funny. Visualize) So I began browsing the nail polish colors and bought a few, plus a makeup thing or two and moved on with life.

Then and this is the leading to the WOW-o moment, I decided to paint my nails using one of the new pretty colors I had bought. I believe it was an LA COLORS (the dollar tree ones I referred to in previous paragraph) some shade of pink. As I gently coated my sad looking nails with pink goo smiles rose up in me like a well filled with rain water. I loved how my nails looked! But, and this is the best part, THE NAIL POLISH lasted a few days!! A Few days of extreme hand washes, clay contamination, film chemistry and more! THIS WAS HUGE for me. And WithOut base coat, top coat or any of the fancy jazz that I now realize are critical tools if I am to survive this nail polish journey. :) well that did it for me. I was hooked!

I work with my hands ALOT. I am a studio art minor in college, currently taking ceramics and am constantly at risk of chipped, cracked, dry, krinkly hands and nails. That got me thinking on how I could prolong the life of the polish on my actual nails. That journey of research into the vast world of base coats, top coats, has ultimately led me here.

How many polishes do i have?
Over 200 and growing like a fungus! I try to limit the polishes to the 2 racks i have and tell myself, " no more polishes once these racks are full Melanie" And what REALLY ends up happening? I buy more, cause IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH INDIE POLISHES, inevitably pushing me towards getting another polish rack....
Poor husband of mine, he puts up with ALOT! :)  (taken in 2013. NOW 2014: i have over 400 polishes!)

Use the contact me link and I shall respond asap. 

Thank you for taking the time out to read this bio, learn a little about me, and hopefully join my blog via one of the many social media sites: GFC, bloglovin, tumblr, twitter, instagram, facebook etc. PLEASE, PICK ONE OR ALL but keep tabs on this blog. Many cool things shall be happening this year, including FREEBIES, CONTESTS, UPDATES INTO MY POLISH WORLD AND MORE! 

Stay tuned,

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