Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ciate colour foil kit giveaway!

The nail polish challenge is hosting a Ciate Colorful giveaway. Below is a picture of her nails and the polish brand. 
7 days until the WINNER is announced

Have a Great day and dont forget to GlaZe! 

Day 10: Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

Hi again y'all! I hope your thanksgiving was filled with happy memories and unforgettable food. Today i received a FREE nail art stamping kit from none other than my sister! For those who don't know my sister, this is HUGE! As the oldest, I am not usually on the receiving side but oh what a great day it was when I told her i had a nail blog and she offered to give me something FREE. :) Ok so, it was used but not everything. Here is a picture from a website who sells them. Oh, what is "them" you ask? Glad you did because them is none other than my first "real" nail art stamping kit by Salon effects, as seen on TV. Picture below

The condition of the one my sister gave me is BELOW: But really whose complaining? Not me cause its FREE!
Used but happy to have received this.

Really excited to use these stamping plates.
 I like the designs on the stamping plates. Their everything from turtles, flowers, to hearts. Pretty good selection for just 5 plates. 
Numbered order of the items I received FREE from my sister. YAY ME!!!
Has anyone tried these plates yet? Any thing to comment on them about if you have? Once i get a chance to try them out, I will post it here for all of you lovies to see and experience before you decide to buy. Anyone recommend a certain brand for stamping plates? Would love your insight and tips.

Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZE!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 9: Thanksgiving time!

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. Have any neat nail designs that represent thanksgiving? Would love to see them. Comment and email some pics and I will upload them and give you credit and link back to your blog if you have one. Thanks again.

Have a grand day and Don't forget to GlaZe! (not just the turkey either) 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 8: Maybelline Color Show Swatches

Hello fellow bloggers and fans. Today i received a package!!! I mean who doesn't love packages right? Its like my birthday when i receive packages. The best part of this package was? You guessed it NAIL POLISHES!! Oh what a grand day it was. :)

I received my eBay order of a set of Maybelline polishes, specifically from the color show collection. All 5 polishes PLUS shipping came out to less than 7 bucks! Now that's what I call bargain shopping. :) Want to know more on how i save money on polishes? Email me, leave a comment, and I will be glad to provide you some tips, links and thrifty ideas.

Moving on. :)

<<< Here are some nail swatches of the 5 polishes i received today. I love the colors and how complementary they are to each other. The picture is very accurate in color and shine of each nail polish. The only exception may be  swatch 1, which is a bit darker in person but its still very accurate. All Swatches were given 2 POLISH COATS except swatch 4: Mesmerizing Magenta, which was thicker than the other polishes and only needed one coat.

Maybelline Color Show Swatches 1-5:

1. Azure Seas 990
2. Lustruous Lime 925
3. Sandstorm 970
4. Mesmerizing Magenta 935
5. Blast of Blue 945

Hope you enjoy the colors as much as i do. Have any of these colors at home? Used any of these to make your own nail designs? If so, please do comment, share to show what these colors can do! :)

Have a grand day, and dont forget to GlazE!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 7: London Rock Rose - Nail Design

Hello Again polish lovers! Today I was inspired to create something with warmer tones yet true to the inner girl. I was thinking cold weather, as it is here in Pennsylvania with night temps at 20 degrees, and hot chocolate. Yum, right?!? That got the wheels turning and reminded me of a gorgeous color by Rimmel London called: "Hot Cocoa". Does it get any better folks? Naturally I was now inclined beyond my will (j/k) to use this "hot cocoa" nail polish because of my hot chocolate vision on a cold night. As you can see in the picture, the Hot cocoa has a lovely brownish color with pinkish overtones in it.

Always, always BASECOAT! This helps protect your nails from damage, discoloration and helps your polish adhere better to your nails and last longer. Its a total must if you are going to glaze up your pretty nails on a regular basis.

AFTER using China Glaze: Strong Adhesion Base boat, I applied 2 coats of this polish to get a darker cocoa "complexion" truer to a mug of hot chocolate. This polish does go on thicker and one coat is fine but will leave your nails on the pinker side, not at all like hot cocoa. Hence why I used 2 coats. For the rose and rock effect I like to call it, I applied the GORGEOUS Milani Pink polish in 3D Holographic 513 Digital to be exact. 
I must warn you, you will become an instant fan of Milani 3D holographics if you dare try them. I have them in blue, silver, purple, gold, and this marvelous pink i used on my design. They go with any base and truly enhance and make for a different effect. PLUS  its smooth glitter, no bumpies, making it a breeze to take off when its that time to whip out your trusty nail polish remover.  :) 

I like to explain exactly what i used 
1. Clean, washed and dried hands 
2. Apply China Glaze: Strong Adhesion Base Coat
3. Apply Rimmel London Lasting Finish PRO in" Hot Cocoa" - 2 coats LET DRY 10-15 MIN between each coat 
4. Apply Milani 3D Holographic in "513 Digital" 
5. Apply China Glaze Fast Forward top Coat 
(or whichever you have) 
6. I also applied "Out the door" fast drying top coat. 

Accent Nails
- White Nail Sticker Stripe Cut and applied 3/4 over on the nail 
 - Tiny Dot made with Finger Paints polish in "Shades of Dark" 

 Hope you can create this design yourself. If you do, please upload and show us!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Day 4: The Blue Soldier - Nail Design

Hello again everyone!! Its time to start showing you my designs. Go easy on me please, I am still a newbie in the world of polish. I was inspired to create this design because of the gorgeous blue of this polish. I mean have you ever seen such an electric, bright yet deep shiny blue like this? I know i haven't until this one and it was love at first glide (he he).
iTEMS USED for "The Blue Soldier" nail design

Basecoat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
China Glaze: 634 Frostbite (the gorgeous blue)
Sally Hansen: 110 Hard to get (white dots)
Dotting tool: smallest one bought here:
Silver stripe from this seller:
Top coat: China Glaze Fast forward and Out the door super fast drying topcoat


Day 3: Nail Swatches

Day 3: Nail Swatches!
For those who are following me, visiting and hopefully coming to see my blog soon, know that the Day 1, 2, 3 etc that will begin every post is more to help you, the readers, find the posting with more ease. :)

So, yesterday i had this burning urge to make nail swatches of all my polishes. BUT FIRST i needed to get some storage containers to organize my nail polish drawer properly. That led me to Dollar tree (notice a pattern?) where i bought some great pencil box containers, like the ones your parents bought you in elementary school to fit into your little desk. Brings back memories huh? :)

Since i was already at Dollar tree I casually (more like purposely) walked over to the cosmetic aisle. And lo and behold guess what i found?? NAIL POLISHES! Surprise, right? ;) I bought some and then headed out of there back to my cozy, warm home to embark on organizing my collection of all things nails. Once I was satisfies with how neat, orderly, and fixed my nail drawer looked, then came nail swatches.

I painted about 30 nail swatches, numbering them and creating a list (on my ipod) of which polish goes to which numbered nail swatch. It was pretty genius actually BUT the credit goes to the hubby who gave me the brilliant idea. 30 nail swatches was all i could muster because it was over 1am and i just couldn't guarantee that i wouldn't accidentally paint my cat or something for lack or proper eyesight and extreme sleepiness. I do have more than 30 polishes, almost 60 actually and i will paint the rest at another time and post it here for you to see.

Here's a picture of the 30 i have so far. If you would like the list of colors, let me know and ill post it, email it, etc. just for you. :) :)

Have a grand day, and dont forget to GlazE!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 2: lots and lots of polishes

It's not technically day 2 of actually embarking on my nail expedition but it is day 2 of my blog and nail journey via the World Wide Web. Moving on.

Where was I? Oh yes, 10 polishes. Turns out I loved the LA COLORS pink polish so much, within a 2 week period I had bought all the colors Dollartree carried. ( they were only $1 which made the buying all the more satisfactory) With the LA COLORS nail polishes, and the measly polishes I had at home collecting dust and getting funkier by the day, my nail polish count reached a little over 20.

In the world of nail polishes, I'm learning that you can never have to much of anything. I went from LA COLORS nail polishes to desiring higher quality nail polishes, with shine and stronger staying power on my nails. ( who likes chipped nails, displayed for all to see, when giving a 45 minute presentation in front of your peers and professor EVERY week ) The higher polish upgrade was inevitable which I'm sure many can agree with.

Switching gears, as we now embark on this nail expedition together, do share: what turned you into a complete lucky charm crazy nail polish wearer?

Comment below. Thanks

Day 1 of Nail Polish journey

So it's official. I am now clearly infatuated with all things nail related. I don't know how it happened really. Seems to have appeared all of a sudden... Just a little over 2 weeks ago I, WAIT. Backtrack to over a month ago. It's all coming into view. I was at dollar tree and just happened to go into cosmetic aisle. Who knows for what because I'm not into makeup much but perhaps it was the polish Gods (just joking here) drawing me towards my awaited, uncovered, waiting to burst open, destiny. Whew! That's a mouth full. :) It was in this aisle that I saw some beautiful colors before my eyes. Nail polishes by LA Colors adorned the shelves in neat little rows, packaged in such a way as to be desired by all who set eyes on them. I thought to myself, hmm,self, you haven't bought nail polishes for ages and the ones you have now are desperately in need of a proper trash can funeral. (Smile, it's funny. Visualize) So I began browsing the nail polish colors and bought a few, plus a makeup thing or two and moved on with life.

Then and this is the leading to the WOW-o moment, I decided to paint my nails using one of the new pretty colors I had bought. I believe it was an LA COLORS (the dollar tree ones I referred to in previous paragraph) some shade of pink. As I gently coated my sad looking nails with pink goo smiles rose up in me like a well filled with rain water. I loved how my nails looked! But, and this is the best part, THE NAIL POLISH lasted a few days!! A Few days of extreme hand washes, clay contamination, film chemistry and more! THIS WAS HUGE for me. And WithOut base coat, top coat or any of the fancy jazz that I now realize are critical tools if I am to survive this nail polish journey. :) well that did it for me. I was hooked!

I work with my hands ALOT. I am a studio art minor in college, currently taking ceramics and am constantly at risk of chipped, cracked, dry, krinkly hands and nails. That got me thinking on how I could prolong the life of the polish on my actual nails. That journey of research into the vast world of base coats, top coats, has ultimately led me here.

Stay tuned for day 2 of journey. Where I went from about 10 polishes to.... stay tuned. :)