Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 30: Nail Polish Ring : DIY - Black heart sky

Hi all! How are all you polish lovers out there? Today's blog is about a DIY craft I found on a wonderful YouTube channel I follow called Glossandsparkle. She has a great video on DIY nail polish rings, which inspired me to make some of my own. So while on vacation, I shopped a lot, and bought the items needed to make fabulous polish rings.

Items I USED:
E6000 glue
Large gem like stones ( found in floral section of Hobby Lobby
Ring bases (to attach stone on)
Nail polish (any kind you like)
Clear nail polish (topcoat works too) 

1. Applied a clear heart glitter polish first (on flat back side if stone)
2. Applied black nail polish - 2 Coats
3. Applied clear nail polish
LET DRY COMPLETELY (let mine dry 3-6 hours)
4. Dabbed E6000 glue on ring base
5. Attached stone ( the same flat side you put polish one) to gluey ring base
6. CENTER STONE ( so it sirs nicely balanced on ring base)
7. Lie ring face down on unpolished side
9. Try ring on (adjust ring band size as needed)
10. VOILA, a beautiful NAIL POLISH RING

 Customize with any COLOR, Brand and style of nail polish you prefer
First layer: glitter heart polish, applied using a dabbing technique to get more hearts on. Swiping it like you would if you were painting your nails, does not work well on polishes that have large glitters in them.


  • Layer with glitter polish first, then opaque polish (like I did mine)
  • Use 1 or more polishes
  • Create designs like nail art 
  • Use tape to make straight lines
  • Cut out magazine pictures and size it to make one of a kind rings (Glossandsparkle has a great video on this)
And whatever else your little heart desires.

REMEMBER: if you mess up, don't like the design or simply want to try something new, dip stone in nail polish remover, wash to remove the remover, let dry and START OVER. 
I hope you put your Creative flower hat on and try this DIY NAIL POLISH RING CRAFT. 
Please, comment, post pics, and share your ideas with us all.

                 As always,
"Have a Grand day and don't forget to Glaze!" 

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