Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 46: Nail swatches from a fellow nail polish lover

Hello lovelies!!!! I know i have been MIA for sometime, mostly from business and partly because i wasn't sure i should even bother with my blog since i have gained so few followers. That all changed today because of a sincere and sweet soul that i have as an instagram friend. Her Instagram tag is @nailpolishaddict11 or URL She reminded me today that i started this blog, not to compete with the bigwigs of the nail polish community, but to work with them in being another voice to the vastly growing community of nail polish lovers. It is because of some these nail polish goddesses that i developed such a love and respect for nail polish and its many facets.

@nailpolishaddict11, also called Jenn Morgan, helped to put into perspective why i started this nail blog in the first place: to share my journey on all things polish in hopes of touching even one person. She is that one and i am so grateful to her. Please consider checking out her IG and following her. She is a sweet person, a fellow nail polish lover and someone who is just worth knowing. *Muah* to you my dear Jenn Morgan.

In HONOR OF @nailpolishaddict11, i am posting some of her gorgeous swatches and manis below.


 look at the length of those nails!!! *Gush* love them, the polish color and her square tips which I desperately try to do to my own.....Ceramics tends to ruin my efforts more often than not. :/
 These glitters are fabulous!!! What a wonderful glitter topper this is. 
 Loving the stripe work she has going on here. Very symmetrical and even spaced lines. I heart her nail art and skills. You should definitely follow her on instagram *hint hint* :)
Who doesn't love a vibrant pink and some lovely dots??? 

This blog post is for you Jenn, as a sincere thank you for reminding me that I blog for the sake of sharing my journey not only to grow in numbers.

As always my darlings,
"have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"