Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 58: Prize pack Winners

Hello Everyone! I first want to thank the PEOPLE WHO ENTERED my first Blog giveaway. There were over 1000 entries that couldn't have been possible without you! So pat yourself on the back. Go ahead. :)

Now onto important matters: THE WINNERS....who are they? Hmm,. good question.
The winners will be CHOSEN randomly in 3 categories, based on most entries to least.

12 PLUS ENTRIES = name in drawing for 1st prize pack
9-11 ENTRIES= name in drawing for 2nd prize pack
1-8 ENTRIES= name in drawing for 3rd prize pack

Each prize pack has amazing goodies all its own and winning any pack would be amazing!

Stay tuned. Winners will be announced within a WEEK.

UPDATE::::::: winners have been announce via Instagram: