Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 10: Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

Hi again y'all! I hope your thanksgiving was filled with happy memories and unforgettable food. Today i received a FREE nail art stamping kit from none other than my sister! For those who don't know my sister, this is HUGE! As the oldest, I am not usually on the receiving side but oh what a great day it was when I told her i had a nail blog and she offered to give me something FREE. :) Ok so, it was used but not everything. Here is a picture from a website who sells them. Oh, what is "them" you ask? Glad you did because them is none other than my first "real" nail art stamping kit by Salon effects, as seen on TV. Picture below

The condition of the one my sister gave me is BELOW: But really whose complaining? Not me cause its FREE!
Used but happy to have received this.

Really excited to use these stamping plates.
 I like the designs on the stamping plates. Their everything from turtles, flowers, to hearts. Pretty good selection for just 5 plates. 
Numbered order of the items I received FREE from my sister. YAY ME!!!
Has anyone tried these plates yet? Any thing to comment on them about if you have? Once i get a chance to try them out, I will post it here for all of you lovies to see and experience before you decide to buy. Anyone recommend a certain brand for stamping plates? Would love your insight and tips.

Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZE!

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