Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 2: lots and lots of polishes

It's not technically day 2 of actually embarking on my nail expedition but it is day 2 of my blog and nail journey via the World Wide Web. Moving on.

Where was I? Oh yes, 10 polishes. Turns out I loved the LA COLORS pink polish so much, within a 2 week period I had bought all the colors Dollartree carried. ( they were only $1 which made the buying all the more satisfactory) With the LA COLORS nail polishes, and the measly polishes I had at home collecting dust and getting funkier by the day, my nail polish count reached a little over 20.

In the world of nail polishes, I'm learning that you can never have to much of anything. I went from LA COLORS nail polishes to desiring higher quality nail polishes, with shine and stronger staying power on my nails. ( who likes chipped nails, displayed for all to see, when giving a 45 minute presentation in front of your peers and professor EVERY week ) The higher polish upgrade was inevitable which I'm sure many can agree with.

Switching gears, as we now embark on this nail expedition together, do share: what turned you into a complete lucky charm crazy nail polish wearer?

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