Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 3: Nail Swatches

Day 3: Nail Swatches!
For those who are following me, visiting and hopefully coming to see my blog soon, know that the Day 1, 2, 3 etc that will begin every post is more to help you, the readers, find the posting with more ease. :)

So, yesterday i had this burning urge to make nail swatches of all my polishes. BUT FIRST i needed to get some storage containers to organize my nail polish drawer properly. That led me to Dollar tree (notice a pattern?) where i bought some great pencil box containers, like the ones your parents bought you in elementary school to fit into your little desk. Brings back memories huh? :)

Since i was already at Dollar tree I casually (more like purposely) walked over to the cosmetic aisle. And lo and behold guess what i found?? NAIL POLISHES! Surprise, right? ;) I bought some and then headed out of there back to my cozy, warm home to embark on organizing my collection of all things nails. Once I was satisfies with how neat, orderly, and fixed my nail drawer looked, then came nail swatches.

I painted about 30 nail swatches, numbering them and creating a list (on my ipod) of which polish goes to which numbered nail swatch. It was pretty genius actually BUT the credit goes to the hubby who gave me the brilliant idea. 30 nail swatches was all i could muster because it was over 1am and i just couldn't guarantee that i wouldn't accidentally paint my cat or something for lack or proper eyesight and extreme sleepiness. I do have more than 30 polishes, almost 60 actually and i will paint the rest at another time and post it here for you to see.

Here's a picture of the 30 i have so far. If you would like the list of colors, let me know and ill post it, email it, etc. just for you. :) :)

Have a grand day, and dont forget to GlazE!

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