Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 4: The Blue Soldier - Nail Design

Hello again everyone!! Its time to start showing you my designs. Go easy on me please, I am still a newbie in the world of polish. I was inspired to create this design because of the gorgeous blue of this polish. I mean have you ever seen such an electric, bright yet deep shiny blue like this? I know i haven't until this one and it was love at first glide (he he).
iTEMS USED for "The Blue Soldier" nail design

Basecoat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
China Glaze: 634 Frostbite (the gorgeous blue)
Sally Hansen: 110 Hard to get (white dots)
Dotting tool: smallest one bought here:
Silver stripe from this seller:
Top coat: China Glaze Fast forward and Out the door super fast drying topcoat


1. Washed hands then dried
2. Applied Basecoat- 2 coats
3. Applied China Glaze frostbite 2 coats, let dry in between each coat
4. Applied silver stripe going from bottom right corner up to top left corner
5. With dotting tool used Sally Hansen Hard to Get (white) and made 3 dots on the farthest edge of nail
6. Applied China Glaze fast forward top coat
7. NEXT day applied out the door topcoat

Problems i ran into:
Everything went fine at first. The nail polishes have a great consistency, no streaking from the blue polish and the white polish was perfect for dots BUT the stripe. That darn silver stripe!! I found that the closer you place a stripe towards the top edge of the nail, the easier the stripe will lift up. An easy fix was I applied a dot of glue to the stripes that were lifting up.
Not great pic but gives a good look at the stripe and dot detail
USED a wooden cuticle stick to hold it down, counted to 15 then voila.
ADVICE: Apply another top coat once you glue down the silver strips at the corner of your nail.

This design has lasted over 4 days!!! I must give credit to the topcoats and applying them every 1-3 days. It really does help prolong the polish on your nails.

Enjoy! If you re-create on your nails, please comment and show us. Would love to see them. Also, experiment with colors and dots for lovely effects.

Have a grand day, and dont forget to GlazE!

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