Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 15: All about the Essie nail polishes!!

So today, I received my Essie polishes ordered from Ebay at LESS than $4 bucks a polish. From the usual $8 bucks a bottle for Essie polish, I say that's quite a steal!! What do you think? I notice people who use Essie, stick with Essie like loyal fans. I don't know what all the hype is about as I have not yet had the "privilege" to use Essie nail polish. Is Essie, the high class brand of the drug stores? I shall find out and make another blog about my results. I just couldn't wait to share these with you so here they are!!

Polishes #1-4 on left >>>>
1. Saturday disco fever
2. Lil boa' peep
3. Shake,rattle and roll ( though 2 and 3 look almost identical they are not)
4. Pure pearlfection

aren't these colors gorgeous!!!

The orange color is going to be fun to use for nail art and dotting! Not so much for just an entire nail, its too summery for the winter. We shall see! :)  
When I apply these on my nails, i will post and update you on how the polishes look on the nails versus how they look in the bottles. 

no matter how many photos i took, they came out looking alike
These 2 polishes that look metallic have a magnet on top, excited to use them. I'm now wishing I had more hands to paint so I could test out my ever growing polish collection. 

I have gone from about 10 polishes to over 50 polishes!!! Total polish addict. How did this happen? 
Oh well, I'm in knee deep folks and there's no going back. When i look over at sad, cracked, pathetic looking nails, I want to call the glaze police! He He :) If there ever was such a thing over 2/3's of women would be in prison. Such a shame. :) 

Have a grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!

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