Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 14: Green Bay Packer nail design colors - LA Colors, Nicole by OPI

Hello everyone! Today I tried my hand at multiple design techniques on various nails. Using Nicole by OPI in Khloe had a little Lam-lam( dark green color) and LA Colors color craze in BCC 570 (yellow gold color).

1. Pinky: small dotting tool 3 down middle using dark  green color. 
2. Ring finger: dark color with golden yellow dots
Notebook reinforcers cut in half.
3. Middle finger: first coat in golden yellow. Then using notebook hole reinforcers, cut in half and place on lower end of nail in half moon shape. Then apply dark green color over rest of nail. BE SURE to push down the end of the reinforcers so when applying other coat, color doesn't leak in.
4. Pointer finger: apply golden yellow on half nail- 2 coats. LET DRY. Apply dark green color - 2 coats 
5. Thumb: apply dark green color 2 coats. Once dry I used Salon effects stamping plate in round design. (sorry not sure what its called and plates don't have numbers) 

Now hear me out everyone. I honestly did not try to combine the green bay packers colors. UGH! Not a fan of them BUT my lovely husband pointed it out and there you have it. What a girl to do? I worked so hard with the designs and waiting time, I kept them on secretly hoping no one would notice the color combo.
In door bathroom light
Enjoy! If you recreate it, please upload and show us. Experiment with techniques and have fun. Comment, reply, let me know you're following my blog. Really helps when I'm super busy and still make the effort to blog and show you my creations.

Have a grand day and don't forget to GlaZE!

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