Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 16: Nail Design - Bourbon Glitz- Confetti polish - Milani 3DHolographics

Hello again everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day. Here in Pennsylvania it is cold, chilly and rainy. BLAH. Not my favorite weather, as i was not able to complete my landscape photo shoot  [i take pictures as well. who knew? ;)] and so have not done much but stay inside. On the positive note, I was able to devote time to, guess what? Yup, right again! Nail polishes of course. : ) :)

After looking through my polishes I found the perfect shade of dark, wine and almost burgundy. It was instant attraction! I knew I was going to use this polish, perfect for winter, on my nails. I ended up loving the color but wanting a little bit more. So I improved it a bit by adding a nice french manicure like tip color using the Milani Holographic nail polish. Below is the step-by-step technique as well as details on what i sued to create this GORGEOUS winter manicure.

Technique Used:
1. Orly base coat
See the glitter and sparkle? Wonderful holo!

2. Two coats of Confetti polish in: 'masquerade ball'
3. Seche Vite top coat
Wanted a bit more so
4. Added line at tip in 2 coats of Milani 3d Holographic in: '
5. Seche Vite top coat AND DONE!

Thats all you need to create this wonderful winter inspired design. 

Isn't the wine like color just divine!?!
Shot with Milani Holo polish so you can clearly see the color. Its a purplish glittery tone with a tinge of pink.

Have a GRand Day and dont forget to GlaZe!!

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