Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 63: Pink Nail designs - indie polish - pink manicure

TODAYS ALL PINK! For those who faithfully follow my instagram, you will notice I have posted this many over a week ago. However, I feel it deserves a nice little slideshow all its own. So here it is. ENJOY.
cream polish on pink is: Sally hansen complete manicure in: almondine
The baby pink on ring finger is Sally hansen hard as nails in: hardcore party. 

You like? If you would like a list of all polishes and indies I used, comment please and let me know.

Until next time,"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

update: Kathy asked and so here are the polishes used:
Pinky purple glitter indie on middle and pinky are: Smokey mountain lacquers in: "lets get pinky"
Pink on index finger is Rain City laquer: "smitten"
Black detail is just a striping brush polish
pearls are from ebay, i think. you can find them easily online.

ENJOY!!!! :) :) 

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