Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 62: Nail care and maintenance

Hello lovelies! Today's post is all about NAIL CARE. I shall share my goodies, only if you promise to incorporate at least 1 tip from my nail care regimen. Promise? Ok, good. Moving on :)

I get asked alot, via instagram, friends, family etc. about how I manage to take care of my hands and nails. The answer is quite simple: I MAKE TIME FOR THEM. Just like people make time for work, fun, hobbies, etc., I TAKE TIME OUT to care and tend to my hands. Why wouldn't I take care of them? They get as much publicity, stares, and whispers, as my face does. Right?

Lets be real here, we always look at people and think stuff about them, be it good or bad. Don't you think the same happens with our hands? What?? You thought that bag boy was just being polite and not staring at your mug? NOPE! He was was too busy looking down and gawking at your crusty, dried, spinster looking hands!! *gasp*  Tee hee teee heee. (Don't be offended peoples, its all fun and humor...but if it did offend you...are you rocking some dried up spinsters? hmm. just saying :) *shrugs*

So, what do I do to keep my hands moisturized, primped and proper? Well darling, IM GLAD you asked!
Here we go then. Enjoy!

This STEP-by-STEP is for when you have nail polish on and the time comes to TAKE IT ALL OFF. tee hee. :)

 STEP ONE: I apply coconut oil all over my nails and surrounding areas, with a cotton ball or two. I like quality and wholesome products that have the least amount of adulteration,hence why i use organic. The reason I apply coconut oil BEFORE i take off my nail polish is, to moisturize and combat some of the dryness which comes from using acetone/nail polish removers. I find the skin around my nails is very GRATEFUL for this Pre-prep step. :)
 Once i lather up my nails with coconut oil, 

STEP TWO: Acetone to remove polish. I use 100% percent. Here's why I use just straight acetone versus the other kinds.  A little blurb quote from Ana: "Acetone is the better choice since it dissolves the polish quicker. Less time scrubbing equals less drying damage to your nails." Click HERE to read the full scoop.

STEP THREE:  I wash my hands (plain old soap) to remove coconut oil, acetone and nail polish residue. At this step, i usually wash them again using BAKING SODA ,only, which helps to whiten nails, clean nail beds and just because .COME ON NOW, who doesn't love baking soda?!! You like cookies? Then you like baking soda. That simple. :)

STEP FOUR: I use sunflower,olive, or almond oil which i add to very hot water. This is what i call a HAND SOAK recipe. Quite simple ladies. If you want to spruce it up a bit ADD: milk, baking soda, honey, lemon, baking soda,( hint* can you tell i like baking soda? tee hee) peppermint tea (tea can stain nails) and/OR essential oils etc. to the water oil mixture. 

Sometimes I ADD milk or honey but do what you feel comfortable with and what you know YOU will keep up with. So if water and oil is about all you can muster, then that's good enough *thumbs up*

 BELOW: This is basically what the water and oil mixture will look like, once you transfer it to a metal or glass ( i don't recommend plastic since water and oil is very hot) container.
STEP FOUR: I then PLACE MY LOVELY HANDS into the oil water mixture and let them soak for 5- 15 min, depending how long i can just SIT there waiting... don't judge... j/k. I HIGHLY suggest you get a bowl BIG ENOUGH to soak your two hands completely. Whats the point of going through the trouble of preparing a hand soak, if your hands are not in the soak? Get it? I knew you were smart! (humor, its good for the soul) 
STEP FIVE: Wipe off my hands (using any rag or cloth) and done. THOUGH, I typically wash them after the soak cause i add milk, honey etc. and other ingredients that i don't care to leave on my hands ALL DAY LONG. Then, its time to apply hand lotion/cream, cuticle oil, OR whatever i have at hand, and patiently wait for 2-5 min to allow the creams and oils to soak into my nails and hands. 

BELOW: my nails in various stages and at different times but i like to think the nail soaks are really working. Understand, some of these pics were from my beginning nail journey and some are much more recent. 

A BEFORE AND AFTER. Nubs were how i started and bottom pic is a few weeks ago. The crappy lighting gives them the yellow tinge but their actually white and not yellow at all. 
A pic of my nails a few months back. As i hope you notice, my LOVE of baking soda is not in vain. Because I use baking soda after EVERY nail polish removing session (when you wear glitter nail polish and then time comes to take it off, it becomes a session. Trust me. Anyone know the feeling? *drag* darn you glitter *fist pump* *inside voice* : " but i love my indies".....and thus the session continues)
and it helps to keep staining nail beds at bay. 
My pretty squared nails before I changed them to a more round shape which I am currently rocking now. Got tired of squares. Sue me.  *blows a raspberry*

I hope you enjoyed this STEP-BY-STEP post on how i take care of my hands and nails. 

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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