Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 67: Nail polish Indie swatches

Todays post is all about indie polishes. I am going to share with you  some of my gorgeous polishes by Colores de Carol. All of these have been bought by me. ALL OPINIONS are my own, and i am not paid and none of this is pre-scripted. You can trust that my opinion and words, are all coming from me.

Ok. Now the fun part. 100 % macro shots
All links and names of indie makers, will be provided below each picture. ENJOY! :)

Above is Atomic Tangerine "This medium orange base is packed with purple micro bars, hot pink and green hexagonal shape glitter and black diamonds."  (Quoted from coloresdecarol)
I really, really, really, love this orange glitter polish. From the tiny micro bars to the random black diamonds, all of this screams OCTOBER!! I look forward to using this indie polish and maybe add some nail art pumpkins or two. :)
You can find this nail polish, on sale, HERE

Above you have: White Dream by Colores de Carol
It is a clear base polish, filled with white squares, iridescent squares and pearlesecent tiny hexagons. I think, this is the absolute BEST POLISH for a WINTER nail art theme. Oh yes! I shall revel in snowy weather by doing me nails with this beauty. Mhhm. Yes indeed. This polish is also sold out folks :(

Above is: Heart of the ocean by Colores de Carol. 
It is a deep, navy jelly packed with holo sparkle that builds with each coat. What a great formula! Super smooth, no mess, no gloop or glop, and an overall fabulous navy blue holographic polish to own.
Unfortunately, this polish is no longer on her website. It was part of the Love's maiden voyage collection but has since been sold out and removed. I am so glad i bought this when i did!! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these macros as much i did! Don't just look, save em, download em, use em as wallpaper and screensavers. Get creative, and make a collage!

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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