Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 66: Glitter nail polish removal? Does it get frustrating?

Hello lovelies. Today's post is ALL ABOUT glitter....and removing it. :/ EEk. How many of us love to apply
those beautiful drugstore glitter polishes, and for those who use indies, oh how we LOVE our glitter bombs.
I myself own over 100 indies and do love me some glitter as well, BUT. Of course theres a BUT :) BUT when it comes time to take glitter polish off the nails, oh what a Drag! I dont know about you all, but if I was being honest with myself, I do not like taking glitter polish off!! I dislike it SOOO MUCH, that i secretly hope the latest manicure im rocking, if it has glitter, will stay on as long as possible. No lie. Don't you ever feel like that? Or am i alone in this? COMMENT and let me know I'd love to see if the odds are for or against me. :)

Moving on. Below i will discuss the most common techniques used to take off glitter nail polish:

1. Aluminum foil 
2. Cotton balls
3. Rubber finger tips Link Here

 Yes, you heard me correctly. Felt is my new go-to for taking off glitter polish. I saw this somewhere online, i cant recall where, so please, if you are the person who originated this idea, CONTACT ME and i will give you credit.

 On the topic of felt. Why do I LOVE IT? Because it works and better than most glitter off techniques.

Issues with Foil, Cotton and Rubber tip techniques:

1. You have to cut foil in 10 pieces. (dry fingers is definitely gonna happen with this technique.)  I hate it! I tried it a few times, letting my poor fingers soak in polish remover/acetone for X amount of minute. IT made my fingers look like 80 year old raisins. UGH! No thank you

2. Cotton balls suck for glitter removal. They just do. There is no other way to say it. I hate all the stringy pieces that get stuck around the glitters and it tears so quick.10 cotton balls later and there are still stubborn glitters stuck to my nail bed. It's highly upsetting and rarely rewarding. For me anyways. You may love it. Well, kudos to you. Wanna cookie? ;)~

3. Rubber finger tips. I came up with the idea as i was watching someone sewing online. I noticed this rubber thing on their thumbs and thought, "OOOH maybe i can use that for nail polish removal" To give it a comparison, its like the foil method, but with rubber tips.
BENEFITS: Now, the rubber tips are more sturdy and dont slide off easily like foil can. Also, you just clean the rubber tips off with some water, dry em, and save em for next time. This method is definitely in my top 2 but the Felt, is JUST GENIUS!

No, i do not have pictures of actually using the felt, though i have used it (how else can i do a review, huh?)
So please, trust me enough to buy some felt and try it with your next glitter bomb manicure.

The Felt piece in the picture, is precut and you can find them in any craft stores. Their only a few bucks, $5-8 the most. If you're smart, and you have a HOBBY LOBBY close by, you purchase these and use the 40% OFF coupon they have daily, on non sale items. See. ONLY a few bucks and you get 50 felt pieces! I was able to use JUST ONE FELT SQUARE to take off 5 glitter filled fingers. I am telling you, they ARE GREAT for glitter off removal. No sliding off or wrapping like foil, no tearing/shredding like cotton, and no need to even bother with the rubber tips.You gotta try it. That is the only way. I really hope you do and if you take the FELT LEAP, you must, pretty please, with lots of cherries, COMMENT BELOW or tag me on Instagram (liquidsquidnails) and share your results with me.

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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