Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 32: Smart light - the lamp for learning - review

Hi again! Today i wanted to share with you this amazing lamp called the Smart light : the lamp for learning.

These are some of its claimed features:
Get the most out of your study time with SmartLight The Lamp for Learning. Verilux SmartLight uses patented Natural Spectrum illumination to improve visual acuity, reduce eyestrain and increase focus and concentration. 
  • Read faster with greater comprehension
  • Study longer without glare, eyestrain and fatigue
  • Work smarter with improved productivity, focus and concentration. 
  • Lamp neck extends to 20 inches
  • Base: 8.0” x 6.25”
  • Height: 15”H in a 90º position, 26.5” extended
  • Cord Length: 6 ft
  • Weight: 4.75 lbs
  • cETL rated in the United States and Canada
                          The Website also states:

Your Ideal Study Partner

  • Features Verilux’s patented Natural Spectrum® Daylight, a type of full spectrum lighting that replicates key wavelengths of natural daylight.
  • Read faster with greater comprehension, study longer without eyestrain, and improve productivity and focus.
  • Research shows:
  • Use of Verilux Natural Spectrum lighting, in a school setting, increased visual acuity (clarity and sharpness of letters) for over 88% of the study participants.1
  • A study of full spectrum lighting in schools reported that students perform better, have higher rates of achievement and have less stress and improved attendance.2

I would RECOMMEND THIS LAMP to anyone who studies and reads alot and for those nail polish lovers who enjoy nail art and need a good light source. Trust me, you may think your 40-60 watt light bulb is fine but once you try this SmartLight you will notice an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE. The Quality, clarity and true daylight is unmatched in my opinion.I found this lamp to be quite wonderful for NAIL ART, taking photos under light, and emitting a true daylight feel. I like the clean look it has and how sturdy the base is, especially helpful when moving the neck of the lamp around. 

Me taking a picture of my nails under the Smartlight.

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