Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 31: Maybelline Express Care Cuticle Moisturizer - Review

Hi everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2014 :) Here in the lovely Gamble residence, Moi (me) has been faithfully shopping all holiday season. I haven't shopped so much in such a short amount of time EVER! Wow did it feel GREAT! Any hoo, hubby and myself want to purchase our very own home so the shopping madness has dies down to a snail pace race. he he. Honestly though, saving for a home is our our 2014 TOP PRIORITY.

Shopping did allow me to get a hold of some wonderful items which i will be sharing with you for months to come (turned into shopaholic all of December. was on the verge of having to join a self-help group. j/k but it was crazy. )

The blog post today is to share with you all a wonderful little item I found on my many trips to Dollartree. If you have been following my blog, you will remember that my VERY 1st BLOG post talked about how the polishes at Dollartree converted me over to become a POLISH AFICIONADO (read more about that in DAy1 blog post)

Enough suspense, by now you probably wondering WHAT IS THIS POST ABOUT ALREADY? I shall leave you in suspense no longer.

Maybelline Express Care Fast Dry Cuticle Moisturizer. 

          Left pic: Product in package                                        Right pic: Actual product in hand. Standard Nail polish size

What the product claims to do for the cuticles 
Applied the cuticle cream which look just like a nail polish stick, on dried unmoisturized hands 

Close up: You can see that the cream did moisturize the cuticle area and removed some of the lines


  • Great price ($1)
  • Acts like a lotion for cuticles
  • Smells like medicated lotion
  • Contains: Aloe & Vitamin B5
  • Moisturizes the cuticle area

There is nothing I find really fancy or special about this Maybelline Cuticle moisturizer but for the price, YOU CANT BEAT IT. Hope you enjoyed my review. LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE, I NEED TO KNOW PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING INTEREST IN WHAT I POST. :) :) :) :)

Have a Grand Day and DON'T forget to GlaZe! 

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