Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 38: Revlon Nail Polish - Popular Nail Swatch Review

Today's post is a simple nail swatch in Revlon nail polish called : "POPULAR 230"

 If you notice, my nails are very short now but I had to do it because I could NOT stand how uneven and weird they were. Using my new Crystal nail file (Click here) I filed them down to square bits. I'm looking forward to even, SQUARE nail growth. WE shall see 
 Picture ABOVE take in natural daylight
 Nail polish and nails taken under a light source
 Photo view: Inside, under a light source

My review on this polish:

I like this polish because of the crelly glitter type base BUT i was hoping it would be a bit darker pink. I find, for my skin tone, the polish seems so light pink that it doesn't POP as i was hoping it would. It blends too much with my skin tone. But for $2 bucks, whose complaining.

Caramel, honey and darker skin complexions to really make the pink POP.

Have a Grand day and dont forget to Glaze!!

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