Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 35: Liquid Glam Lacquer - Nail Polish Review

Hello Again everyone!! Here are some of the lovely indie polishes I purchased from the wonderful Liquid Glam Lacquer. Wanted to share them with you, so here they are.Click link here to check her indie line

These are the 5ml minis! A great way to buy and try without dishing so much $$$
Macro shot of Luxxe

The one full size i purchased is the bottle in the middle called: "Night Life"

Clearer view of all the micro glitters in this polish. I will have another post soon enough, on how this glitter polish looks swatched with other base coats. 

Mini polish in "icey" on LEFT: 5ml bottle RIGHT: macro shot
 Last but sure not least is the darling Liquid Glam Laqcuer polish in: peppermint!! I simply adore this polish beyond words!! It is the most beautiful, elegant, simple, yet wintery polish i have tried so far. I love it so much, i painted all 10 fingers that color. And as you know from my other posts and instagrams, i tend to do alot of nail art typically using various colors. But this "peppermint" polish is so stunning I applied it on all 10 FINGERS. No competition necessary :) I remember just staring at my nails all the time.... he he he.

Have you tried Liquid Glam Lacquer polishes?
Which one would you like to see a swatch of?
Any other questions? 
PLEASE, PLEASE, COMMENT. I do wish to hear from all of you who stop by. 

"Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlazE!"

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