Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 34: Julie Nail Polish Review - Matte Polish - Rite Aid Store

Hello Darlings! I told you I would have a FULL Reviw on these Thursday, and Thursday it is.

BACKGROUND: I was given this Julie polish by my sister who bought it but didnt realize it was matte polish, which she hates! But who's complaining, thats 1 more polish for me, right? :) :)
So i tried it on and was not wowed by it at first anyways


*LONG LASTING: seriously the most surprising thing about this polish was how long it lasted. I applied this Julie polish without a top coat and 3 days later it was only BEGINNING to tip wear. This was after a very long 3 days of constant washing and my hands being soaked in water, detergents etc. This BABY had not a DROP of top coat and it still kept its staying POWER! Impressive, I'll say.
*INEXPENSIVE: Im not sure how much my sister paid for it, but given her spending budget these days, I'd say it was no more than $2-3 bucks.


NOT REALLY MATTE: The polish dries to a slight matte but looks more like a wax finish. The kind of wax look that you see on candlesticks that have dried up wax drips on the side. In my opinion, it is not A TRUE MATTE.
Also, the matte finish wear off.

~If you apply lots of creams, oils, butters etc. to keep your hands in tip top shape, you will be DISAPPOINTED to see how within the same day, the Julie "matte" polish is no longer matte but glossy. :/

WHERES THE NAME? There is no name on the bottle! Like what? I looked ALL OVER the darn thing and was shocked to see that. There's ONLY one other polish brand that does that, LA Colors, and its so RIDICULOUS. Every polish has to have a name to tell what it is but this brand DOES NOT.

Imagine, someone likes your nails and ask what colors that, you say, " I DON'T KNOW." How are you gonna look? Like a dodo or like someone who buys such cheap polish, it doesn't have a name. lol. In any case, an embarrassing situation indeed.

 Julie "no name" polish with some embellishments on funky fingers polish in "jawbreaker"
 You see how shiny it is? That's definitely NOT matte
I applied a fresh coat on tips of index and pointer. Can you see how its more matte like then the polish on the pinky for example? For whatever reason, the matte look just doesnt last on these.

Instagram pic

Hope to hear from you all!!!

"Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!"

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