Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 18: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish

The less shiny ones have matte top coat. 
The white and purple nails have regular gloss top coat.
 Hi Everybody!! I would like to share with you some polishes I received last week. I was bidding on Ebay (see a pattern? Love that place :)) for a lot of 50 polishes and I won!! Among the many wonderful Sally Hansen nail polishes i received, there were 5 of particular interest. These 5 babies are the ones you see in the pictures below. The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes are really different in texture and quality.

-Texture- gritty, like sugar grains on the nails
-Pretty, fun colors
-Opaque in 2 coats
-Dries to a slight matte
-Keeps its gritty look when used with Matte Top Coat

-Takes awhile to dry
-Will chip faster (because of texture of course)
-Would like darker colors
-Texture is diminished with top coat (especially if using regular gloss top coat)

 Colors from left to right (white to purple)
1. Sugar Fix 200
2. Cherry Drop 300
3. Sweetie 400
4. Razzle-berry 500
5. Bubble plum 100

Colors used to make sprinkle effect. Below
sprinkle effect. :)

like rainbow colors sprinkles on a cone. :)

Have a grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!

So what do you think? Like the colors? Texture? Any comments and replies would be wonderful!

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