Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 17: Nail art design - Cupcake tutorial - step by step

Hi everyone!! I was inspired by using blue because, lets face it, blue looks wonderful on nails. :) So I started out with blue and then started dotting with hot pink and i couldn't figure out what to do. My initial design was just to make curves with dots but then as i kept looking at the hot pink, realized this in the the shape of a cupcake!!! So my design became a cupcake. Here is the step by step Tutorial on how i made the cupcake design on a blue nail base. Enjoy!

1. Base with blue
2. Using Dotting tool made 4 dots then used polish and drug down = cupcake outline
3. Apply 4 white dots, then combine them making a fluffy white cloud like shape (see step 4)
4. Using toothpick, made yellow and black lines going vertical
5. Add "sprinkles' using tiny dotting tool or toothpick. (use whatever colors you own. Experiment and have fun :))
6. Add sparkly polish over all of the nail except the cupcake part
7. and VOILA! You can have your cupcake and see it too :) :) 

This is my first step by step with pictures design. I hope you enjoy :) Please comment, reply, let me know you've stopped by my blog. If you recreate this, post and share. Would love to see variations on this yummy cupcake design.

Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZE!

Cupcake Sparkle

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