Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 12: Steel Gray - Nail Design

Hello again. Today i wanted to showcase my lovely steel gray nails. They did not start out this way but with the help of Revlon Matte Top Coat, steel gray came into existence.

1. Base coat with Strong Adhesion Base Coat in China Glaze
2. Applied Revlon Top Speed in: 710 Cloud- 2 coats
3. Applied Revlon Matte Top Coat 790

I wasn't sure what to expect with Matte top coat because its my first time using it. I must say though, I am pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the effect.No shine is very calming to me for some reason. But perhaps its also because I used matte with a gray polish. I shall see how "calming" Matte top coat is when i apply it on something like hot pink polish. :) :)

1. Started with 3 black dots right down the middle using dotting tool i ordered from ebay

2. Used white polish, applied 1 dot on either side of black.

3. LET black dots DRY completely, to avoid streaking, before adding the white dots. 

Base Coat, Revlon 710 cloud, Revlon Matte Top Coat

So far my nails have lasted 3 days with no chipping at all! I am noticing the matte effect wearing off on one of my hands, the more dominant one. Will just reapply some more and voila!

To dry my nails I use finishing spray and a blow dryer on cool setting. It takes awhile and I realized I need something faster. So today i just ordered Seche Vite top coat and OPI fast dry drops. Can't wait till they get here! Will keep you all posted once i review them. Until then:

Have a Grand day and dont forget to GlaZE!

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