Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 56 Nail swatch sticks - nail wheels - nail sticks

Hello everyone! Today's post is ALL ABOUT nail swatch sticks and nail wheels. Many people ask me where I get my nail sticks and  nails wheels so i figured, "I will make a post all about what kind of nail sticks i use and provide you the links to purchase them."

I hope you find this as informative as i do.

 I use the cream colored nail sticks  to swatch indies and glitter polishes. Click here for the link to the cream colored nail swatch sticks 

These are the difference between the clear and cream colored nail sticks. The holes on the bottom of the sticks are for putting the sticks on a silver ring. Click here for the link to the clear acrylic sticks
These flower nails swatch sticks are just adorable! That's why i got them. They're great for nail art or swatching special polishes. They come in a pack of 10 flower shaped wheels, equaling 120 total nail plates to work with. Click here for the link to the flower shaped nail swatch sticks.

The flower nail swatch sticks are very presentable and can be used to show clients colors, to swatch your personal stash and keep your desk organized and cute.
Above is the difference in acrylic clear nail wheels and cream colored nail wheels. 
click here for the clear nail wheels
Click here for the cream colored nail wheels 
                                      Above is the pack of cream colored nail swatch sticks that come in a pack of 50 

So these are the various nail swatch sticks i use. There are many more out there and you can choose whichever ones you're more comfortable with. 

  • Do not attempt to use nail polish remover with any of the ABOVE nail swatch sticks. 
  • Nail polish remover eats the acrylic and you'll end up with a gunky mess.
  • BUY  more swatch sticks/wheels NOT less. You will be surprised how quickly they are used up. 
  • Apply a topcoat on the nail plate BEFORE applying the polish. 
  • Applying a topcoat creates a sealant and protective layer so your colored polish doesn't get sucked into the acrylic nail stick/wheel. 
  • You will understand this MORE once you swatch with topcoat and without. You'll SEE the difference
  • LABEL, LABEL,LABEL your nail sticks/wheels if you're swatching your polishes. A fine tip permanent marker like SHARPIE works best
  • If you have a LARGE polish collection (50 plus) i suggest creating an excel spreadsheet to organize it. I have a spreadsheet to label and number my nail swatch sticks for all the indie polishes i have. It helps immensely! 
If you find this helpful, have questions, have a particular way you swatch or practice nail designs, PLEASE COMMENT below. I love comments, i need feedback lovelies.

Until next time,
"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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