Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 52: DIY Nail Swatch cards - painters swatches

Hello darlings! I promised to make a blog post on nail polish swatching tips, if you responded to my original pic via instagram. You all graciously responded, and many thanks for that. Here is the awaited HOW-TO on nail polish swatching and organization.

I wont waste any time, im gonna jump right into it. :)

STEP ONE: one 3X5 note card
 STEP TWO: Fold in thirds and cut or tear in equal pieces
YOU will need nail polishes you want to swatch, by color, brand, etc, whatever way you prefer swatching your collection. I PREFER by color because its just makes it even more organized and if i need a pink, for example, i can go to my swatch cards in the PINK section and find all the pinks i own. I would think swatching them by brand would not be as organized or efficient but its your choice lovelies. MOST IMPORTANT: you have to like the swatch cards, to use them, so do what FLOATS  your boat :)~

STEP FOUR: APPLY 1-2 good coats evenly across the note card. Most people use 2-3 coats of polish on each nail to get that perfect color their after. With swatching, if you use ONE thick coat of polish and swipe across gently, it should give you that 2 coat on the nails look. 

CAUTION:  swiping too many coats of nail polish on the notecard will result in color inaccuracy because it would be like applying 5 OR MORE coats of polish on your nails. Do you understand what i mean? IF NOT, COMMENT AND I WILL CLARIFY. :) 
 STEP FIVE: Let your lovely swatch dry completely. Once you get the hang of it, you can swatch 4-5 polishes on ONE card, leaving the right amount of space between each swatch to label THE polish.

AND Voila, you can now make TONS of nail polish swatch cards and keep organized. 

BELOW is how i store my nail polish swatch cards. AKA Painters cards :) :) 

 Bought this little photo book at a thrift store for 99 CENTS! This is not an expensive DIY :)
 The clear plastic is perfect to PROTECT your nail polish swatch cards. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a photo book like this, that opens long ways and the sleeve opens at the top NOT the side. I tried the tradition 4X6 photo book but, oh what a pain to organize little swatch cards and move them around in the plastic to get them just right.  :/ 
 This is how my cards look, all wonderfully colored with my reds and ORGANIZED. Thats the whole point of a DIY, to help your life and STAY organized. PLEASE let me know in the comments below if this helped your life, even if just a little.

I have been there, done that with nail polish sticks, wheels, nails, stickies, THE WHOLE NINE. This has to be, by far, the EASIEST, NICEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE way i have found to organize a LARGE nail polish collection.

Until next time,
"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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