Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 49: DIY Crayola Watercolor Nail art

Hello lovelies,
Today is a different kind of post. I have been dabbling in creativity and using different mediums in hopes to create different kinds of nail art and techniques. I saw somewhere on pinterest that a lady used her kids watercolor paints to create nail art. So you know i had to try this too. ;)~

I began hunting for the cheapest water color paint set i could find, while sticking to the Crayola brand, as i have loved that brand since a child. Nothing worked better than Crayola for me. Not Roseart, store brand, etc. I was an absolute Crayola fanatic as a child. Thinking back, i have always loved art and creating things. Any who, i remember having the big, almost briefcase looking, crayon holder. Anyone else have one of those as a kid? PLEASE do share if you have. This briefcase contraption looked very much like the one (i found via google) below.

So now as an adult, i traveled store to store in hopes to find Crayola water color paints. I ended up finding one for less than $2 bucks and then the following week, found another one for $1.49 while on a grocery run. Both i brought home with me.  :) :)

I have never worked with watercolor paints on the nails so i didnt have a technique to go off. SORRY folks. It was a trial and error kind of thing.

 The above picture is the watercolor paints and the different dots i played around with

Nail #1 was me using a dotting tool and dipping it in water color paints then dotting on the nail
Nail #2 was me using a cutip and lightly dabbing at the wet dots to soak up some colors (in attempts to try the bubble effect i see alot on instagram.....don't think it worked quite well. What do you think?)
Nail #3 After letting the water color dots dry for a few minutes, I again used the cutip and dabbed more of the watercolor off, to create a washout effect (kinda like this one alot....why? idk)

EACH nail was painted 2 coats of white polish and let to dry BEFORE attempting water color on them. This is a MUST unless you want a big smeary mess.

The picture above is some of my favorite designs using the Crayola water color paints. 

So, what do you guys think?Are you tempted to try watercolor nail art too?
Do you hate it?

Lemme know PLEASE :) :) 

Until next time,

"Have a grand day and dont forget to Glaze!"

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