Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 45: Indie Nail Polish from Backwoods nails in: the Gambler

Today's post is about a wonderful Indie polish maker: Backwoodsnails . She makes great glitter toppers, at affordable prices. To be quite frank, she is ONE OF THE MOST affordable indie nail polish makers around.
Now you may be wondering, whats indie polish?

Simply put, it it is nail polish:

  • made by real people
  • in small hand batches
  • custom blended
  • unique polishes
  • FULL OF glitters

"Once you go INDIE, you never go back!"

Polishes used:

Base coat nail polishes in: RED, WHITE AND BLACK.
Glitter topper in: The Gambler. Made by the fabulous Backwoodsnails
Not only do I LOVE it because its so pretty & full of TINY SILVER & RED Glitters with Glitter SPADES,but its also a play on my last name, which is Gamble.

As usual ladies:
"Have a Grand day and don't forget to GlaZe!"

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