Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 40: Nail Mail indie polish maker

Hi everyone! Today is a very special post
 To showcase a very special cause: SUPPORT FOR SMALL BUSINESS and indie product makers.

The Story:

As I was coming home from an aromatherapy essential oil class, I received some nail mail. All you polish lovers know how wonderful it is too receive nail mail and seeing mine instantly put a smile on my face. :) 

So I open the mail and I receive, not only beautiful indie polishes but a thoughtful, personal note from the creator herself.

View the pic below to see what the note said.

This is why folks, it's IMPORTANT to support local and small businesses. It does the AMERICAN community no good to give our 💵💵 to rich people who are getting richer and outsourcing jobs. The ECONOMY we live in needs the help of local, USA invested and handmade businesses to uplift us out of this slump.

Ask yourself: "If I buy this, will it help put food on the table for a family here on our US SOIL?

If it won't, perhaps saving a few extra bucks and investing In local products is the BETTER INVESTMENT.

As always, have a Grand day and don't forget to Glaze!

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