Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 33: Nail Art using China Glaze, Rimmel London and more! Alexis Posh

Hi all!!! Today i want to share you with you this lovely manicure, inspired by the recent giveaway I WON (so rare for me) from the China Glaze 2013 Collection. Besides the Gorgeous China Glaze polish, i was also itching to try the geometric stain glass kinda look I saw others use with nail striping stickers.

And thus, Alexis Posh was created. FYI I have this weird thing where I have to NAME my nail art. Not other peoples nail art because if I was 100% recreating something from another nail artist, I would definitely give credit. But nail art that is mine, that i created using techniques and my color inspirations and random doodles, i name.... I wonder what that says about me? Hmm. Anyhoo, the pictures are below.


 The China Glaze 2013 Christmas Collection that i WON! :) 

 Really happy with my first attempt at the Nail striping sticker technique!

So that is the Mani I have to share with you today. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave comment,thoughts, questions, below.

As always,

"Have a Grand day and dont forget to GlaZe!"

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